Christians ought to be known for our love.

We promote dialogue in an us-vs.-them world.

What is Nuance?

Nuance Ministries, Inc., is a new nonprofit organization founded by Justin Lee in 2017 following his two decades of work in LGBT Christian ministry.

We live in a polarized world that deals with disagreements by drawing battle lines: Gays vs. Christians. Republicans vs. Democrats. Us vs. Them. Too often, this thinking has infected and even characterized the modern church.

At Nuance, we believe that Christ calls us to a gracious, nuanced approach to difficult issues, and we believe that approach is particularly needed in the church’s handling of LGBT issues.

We are working for greater understanding and support of LGBT people in every part of the global church, not just those where it’s easiest or most convenient. We believe that goal requires thoughtful, Spirit-led dialogue instead of shouting at one another across the divide.

Nuance’s work is based on the same principles outlined in Justin’s book Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate and his upcoming book Talking Across the Divide.


Our key focus areas

Nuanced Dialogue

We facilitate public and private dialogue between Christians who disagree, to increase understanding and decrease hostility.

Practical Tools

We create tools for pastors, parents, and individuals to help them fight misinformation and transform the global church.

Multimedia Stories

We tell stories through audio, video, and digital content, because we know stories have the power to change hearts and minds.

Partner with Nuance

Help us build a movement of grace across divides.

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