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Nuance MinistriesBridging the LGBTQ/Christian Divide

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We live in a world of rampant polarization, where leaders frequently point fingers and promote half-truths rather than working together to solve problems.

But when it comes to matters like faith, sexuality, and gender, it’s not enough to draw lines in the sand and yell at the people on the other side. Real people’s lives are complicated and nuanced. Sometimes good people do the wrong thing. Sometimes good intentions are misdirected. Sometimes misinformation gets in the way.

Too often, Christians have been responsible for pushing an us-versus-them approach to disagreement. But Jesus taught that when we encounter conflict, showing grace is a sign of strength, not weakness. We are a Christian ministry that seeks to follow His example, tackling challenging questions in a way that brings people together rather than tearing them apart.

In a world of bumper sticker slogans, we seek to go deeper and be more thoughtful. To listen to each other. To speak with care.

Because we believe the truth is in the nuance.