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Current Projects

We have many plans for the future, but at the moment, we’re focused on three key areas:

1. Making it easier for Christians around the world to get the nuanced information and resources they need.

This is vital. In our information age, it can be difficult for parents, pastors, and LGBTQ Christians to find clear, accurate, helpful resources in the midst of all the misinformation and inflammatory rhetoric. Even where helpful resources exist, barriers like language and economics can stand between people and the resources that could change their lives.

To help address this need, we’ve been working on a project that we’re excited to unveil in the first half of 2020.

2. Cultivating gracious LGBTQ–Christian dialogue, both publicly and privately.

Building a culture of nuance around controversial topics requires a lot of careful, quiet, closed-door conversation, so a great deal of our work happens via private dialogue—unadvertised consultations with pastors and ministry leaders, for example.

But not all of our conversations are behind closed doors. We also work to take some of those dialogues public, as in this video of a conversation between author Preston Sprinkle and our executive director, Justin Lee, co-sponsored by Nuance.

For more information on how you can host or participate in a dialogue, please contact us.

3. Creating new, nuanced Christian resources to fill the gaps in what’s currently available.

And finally, we’ve been in conversation with pastors and ministry leaders across the country about what they really need to help them better support the LGBTQ people in their congregations. We’ve used that information to help us craft a brand new, innovative resource unlike anything available now.

Production of this new resource has been delayed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but we are hard at work on those things we can do in the meantime, and we expect to have more to announce about this in the near future.